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What are we talking about

An Organization, either a company, or a cooperative, or a public administration institutions , etc., may decide to obtain the UNI EN ISO 14001:2014 certification when he needs to demonstrate its commitment and care for the environment.

Environmental certification, in addition to ensuring a significant return of image for the Organization for the increasing sensitivity to ecology, is increasingly being specified as a requirement for participation in tenders.

All requirements of the standard are generic and are intended to be applied to all organizations, regardless of type or size, products supplied or services provided.


What should the Organization do

An Organization that decides get certified UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 should adopt a management system in compliance with the standard requirements. It should implement an internal organized system of operational and management procedures in line with the requirements of legislation and acquire all permits required by law for its activities.

Once designed and implemented a system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, the Organisation will be subject to a review by a certification body to issue the 14001 Certificate .


What we offer

Our team can support you in all the necessary steps to obtain ISO 14001 certification, providing a high quality service:

  • .Analysis of all business processes in terms of environmental impact, ensuring that they comply with the environment and safety requirements of the standard and national and international laws
  • .Opening environmental analysis, to be updated in time
  • .Analysis of the environment in which the organization works, including partners, competitors, territory, target market, in order to define the context of the Organization required by the new standard
  • .Defining the environmental manual, procedures and work instructions required by ISO 14001, and related forms
  • .Internal audits conducted by highly qualified and specialized auditors
  • .Analysis of environmental performance and Management Review
  • .Organization Risks and Opportunities Analysis
  • .upport in Certification body choosing, between those most prestigious that operate on the national territory (eg DNV GL, RINA, etc.) and during all phases of external audit





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